Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Just wondering when you will be updating this years recepies (2009). I only have last years, nothing from this years show?

A. New recipes will be published when the new 2009 series airs in June this year. Until then, you are watching repeat episodes and the recipes will already be online. Use the search function to locate them if you need help.

Q. When I click to watch a recipe, it will only play for a few seconds then stops, it this a problem on my end or is it someting I am doing wrong?

A. No, it's not something you're doing wrong. The video clips on the Alive and Cooking website are designed to stream to your computer. If you have a dial-up or slow broadband connection, the video will play faster than it streams to your computer, hence it will stop and start. Let the video load for a while before trying to play it, or visit our site outside of Australian peak broadband times.

Q. Why don't some recipes have video?

A. It is not possible to keep every recipe on line for size and storage limitations.