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European Potato Salad


4 white potatoes, cut in 1cm cubes
1 French baguette, cut into 1cm slices
Vegetable oil


¼ bunch dill, roughly chopped
1/3 continental cucumber, cut in ½ cm cubes
100 ml thickened cream
50 g mayonnaise
100 ml plain yoghurt
Sprinkle of salt


Into a pot of boiling water, cook the potatoes until soft. Once cooked, pop onto a plate and allow to cool.
Deep-fry the bread in a pot of vegetable oil, then drain, sprinkle with salt and set aside.
Combine all the sauce ingredients together and stir thoroughly.
Into a large bowl, mix the potatoes and sauce. Serve with crispy baguette pieces on the side.
Serves 3 - 4


European Potato Salad