Alive and Cooking


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4 veal steaks
200g camembert
8 tomato “fillets”
¼ bunch of dill
4 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp smoked paprika
150g plain flour
2 eggs, beaten


Lay down the veal steaks, place 4 tomato fillets on top then place 2 slices of camembert onto the tomato, add a sprig of dill the roll up to form a tight tube (fold in the ends to stop cheese leakage.)
Mix together the sesame seeds and paprika until evenly distributed.
Roll the veal into the flour then dredge through the egg.
Roll the eggy veal into the sesame seed until it is fully coated.
In a hot fry pan add a splash of olive oil and seal the veal on one side then turn over and place the fry pan into an oven set to 200oC for 12-15 minutes.
Cut in half and serve.