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Banana & Chocolate Pavlova

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6 egg whites
100g caster sugar
4 ripe bananas
1 vanilla pod
200g dark cooking chocolate
2 tbsp Cointreau liquor


1. Whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks then slowly sprinkle in caster sugar while still whisking until the egg whites go shiny. Then stir in the vanilla seeds.

2. Using a piping bag describe a circle onto baking paper with the meringue, then pipe another layer, place in an oven pre heated to 190c for 15 minutes then turn the oven down to 120c and cook for a further 1 hour.

3. Blend the bananas to a smooth consistency and add the cointreau.

4. Melt the chocolate and combine with cointreau banana mix.

5. When the pavlova has cooled pour in the chocolatey banana filling.

Banana & Chocolate Pavlova