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Chicken and Fetta Filo

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500g chicken thighs,
6 spring onions, sliced on an angle
1 clove of garlic, finely sliced
½ cup curly parsley, finely chopped
½ glass white wine
150g grated cheddar
100g fetta cheese
½ pack filo pastry
50g melted butter


1. Cut chicken into 2 cm cubes. In a hot fry pan seal the chicken then toss in the spring onions, garlic and parsley and de-glaze the pan with the white wine.

2. Take the pan off the heat and allow to cool before mixing in the cheeses.

3. Brush 1 sheet of pastry with melted butter, then place another filo sheet on top. Brush with melted butter and then fold sheets in half.Place a large spoonful of cheesy chicken mix onto the pastry and roll over, then fold both sides in, then complete the roll.

4. Bake in an oven set at 190 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Chicken and Fetta Filo