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Fruity Club Hi-Lo

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1 High fibre-low G.I. loaf, sliced lengthwise
1 punnet of strawberries, sliced
4 kiwi fruit, sliced
1 can of mango cheeks, sliced
1 tsp Gelatine (dissolved in 2tsp water)


1. Lay the first slice of bread on a suitable tray (a flat one that fits in the fridge,) then brush with gelatine. Cover the first slice with strawberries, then brush with gelatine. Place another slice of bread on top, then brush with gelatine and lay down the sliced kiwi fruit, then brush with more gelatine then a layer of sliced mangos.

2. Repeat this process until all slices are used, then wrap the whole loaf firmly with cling wrap and place in the fridge over night

3. Using a sharp knife slice into “wedges” and serve.

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Fruity Club Hi-Lo