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Hungarian Pork and Pepper Dumplings

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1 kg of minced pork
1 brown onion
2 tsp of smoked paprika
2 large potatoes
1 stick of celery
1 carrot
2 eggs (lighty beaten)
1/4 white cabbage
100g of Always Fresh piquillo peppers
2 eggs
100g of self-raising flour
100g of rice flour
2 ltr of mixed Vegeta Chicken stock
1/2 a cup of red wine


Finely dice onion, celery and cabbage and place in a large mixing bowl with minced pork. Grate carrot and potatoes into bowl with the smoked paprika and 2 eggs.

Thoroughly mix contents with clean hands.
Roll palm sized balls from the mix and place to the side.

In a separate bowl mix a 100g of rice flour and 100g of self-raising flour.
Blend 100g of piquillo peppers and 1 egg until very smooth.

Add pepper mix to flour mix and stir through until it becomes a dough.

With wet hands roll small sized dumpling from the mix.

Lightly pan fry the meatballs in some olive oil and place them in a large baking tray.

Place dumplings between meatballs.Pour red wine over dumplings and then add stock.

Place in hot over at 250C for about 25-30 minutes uncovered.

Serve with some greens and crusty bread.

Hungarian pork and pepper dumplings