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Lemon Chicken

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1 chicken breast
juice and zest of one lemon
½ brown onion sliced
½ glass of white wine
100g cooked rice
2 bokchoy sliced
4 sliced spring onion
100g bean sprouts
1 long red chilli
splash of Kikkomans lime, lemongrass and soy sauce
½ bunch of coriander


1. Slice the chicken in 1 cm strips and fry in a hot pan until mostly sealed .

2. Add the onion, lemon juice and zest

3. Pour in the wine and boil vigorously to reduce by half

4. Stir fry the spring onion, bokchoy and chilli until just soft then add the cooked rice and bean sprouts

5. Once the rice has warmed through add the soy sauce and serve.

Lemon Chicken