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New York Style Sub Sandwich

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300g of scotch fillet
6 rashers of good bacon
1 large field mushroom
Worcestershire sauce
50g of fire roasted peppers
2 dill cucumbers
2 tbsp of good mayonnaise
1 baguette
1/2 a curly lettuce
2 ripe tomatoes

onion rings
1 egg
100g of flour
2 Spanish onions
100ml of water


Cut field mushrooms into 1cm thick slices and cover them in oil. Cook mushrooms and bacon on a grill over a hot flame.

Cut scotch fillet in half so it’s about 1cm in thickness. On the same grill after you have taken the bacon and mushrooms off, lightly fry your baguette.

Remove the baguette when it becomes toasted and cook your scotch fillets to your liking.

Onion rings
Cut onions into 1cm thick slices and separate segments creating rings.

In a bowl mix the flour, egg and water.
Add the onions to bowl and coat with batter.
In a large pan shallow fry the onion rings in canola oil until they become crispy.

Layer toasted bread with sliced vegetables, scotch fillet, bacon and mushrooms. Top with onion rings and mayonnaise. Eat with care!

New York style sub sandwich