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Panzanella Pasta Dura

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½ Bakers Delight Pasta Dura loaf
50ml white wine
2 tbsp Parmesan oil
100g snow pea tendrils
2 tbsp pepitas
½ cucumber, diced/ sliced
½ bunch basil, torn
¼ bunch dill, torn
4 tbsp mayonnaise
50g Always Fresh Piquillo roast peppers
2 tsp Parmesan oil


1. Randomly tear the Pasta Dura into “chunks” then mix together the white wine and Parmesan oil and brush all over the torn bread.

2. Bake the marinated bread at 220c for 5 minutes or until crispy (careful it burns easily.)

3. Toss together the snow pea tendrils, cucumber, basil and dill, then finely chop the piquillo and mix with the mayonnaise, add 2 tsp parmesan oil.

4. Spread the hot, crispy, torn pasta dura over the salad, drizzle with capsicum mayonnaise and sprinkle with pepitas.

Bakers Delight

Panzanella Pasta Dura