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Pesto Seared Scallops with Capsicum and Olive Sauce

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500g of scallops
50g of pesto
A splash of extra virgin oil
1 head of fennel
150g roasted capsicums
50g mixed olives
2 cloves of garlic
2 x 450g can of tomatoes
2 anchovies
1 brown onion
1/2 a glass of red wine


Toss the scallops with oil and pesto till coated and allow to rest in the fridge for at least 20 min.

Finely chop fennel, garlic, shallot and anchovies, pan fry on a high heat until softened and de-glaze the pan with the red wine.

Add tomatoes, olives and capsicums to the pan, bring to a gentle boil and cook for 20 min.

Heat a frying pan, add ghee and quickly sear scallops (1 minute each side.)

Serve 6 scallops each on steamed rice, surrounded by rich sauce.

Pesto seared Scallops with a capsicum and olive sauce