Alive and Cooking

San Choi Bao

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500g minced beef
6 spring onions, finely chopped
1tbsp grated ginger
2tbsp tahini paste
2tsp (Always Fresh) minced garlic
Pinch of smoked paprika
150ml water
1 iceberg lettuce, separated into cups (shred one leaf of lettuce)
½ bunch of coriander
½ bunch of mint
Extra Light Olive oil


1. Heat a wok with a splash of oil, then toss in the minced beef and fry until all separated and starting to brown, then remove from the wok and set aside.

2. Put the wok back on to heat, pour in a splash of oil then fry the spring onion, ginger, garlic and smoked paprika for 1 minute.

3. Re-introduce the mince to the wok, stir in the tahini paste, pour in the water and cook on a high heat for 5-7 minutes, but keep stirring as it could burn.

4. Fill the lettuce cups with shredded lettuce, fresh herbs and the cooked mince.

San Choi Bao