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Spiced Walnut Cookies

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100g walnuts
1tsp mixed spice
250g plain flour
250g caster sugar
125g softened butter
1 egg
1 tsp bi-carb soda
100g almond meal


1. Place walnuts and mixed spice in a mortar and pestle and lightly crush.

2. Place the flour, sugar, butter, egg, bi-carb and almond meal in your food processor and mix until combined. Once combined, add the crushed walnuts with mixed spice and gently combine.

3. Roll mix into a log, cut into cookie size and place on baking paper (makes approx 30 serves). Bake at 200c for 12-15minutes.

4. Allow to cool on cake rack, these will keep in air tight container for 1 week (if you can wait that long).

Spiced Walnut Cookies