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Spinach and Mushroom Layer Cake

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3 sheets puff pastry
100g button mushrooms, sliced
250g baby spinach
4 spring onions, finely sliced
1oog bocconcini, sliced
125g cream cheese
1 egg (egg-wash)
Salt & pepper
Extra light olive oil


1. Cut pastry sheets into large circles. Place one pastry circle per oven tray. Brush the individual sheets with the egg-wash, season with salt and bake at 200C for 8-12 minutes.

2. Place a frying pan on to heat with a splash of oil. Fry the mushrooms and the spring onions. Add a little salt and pepper to the pan.

3. Once the mushrooms have browned, add the spinach to the pan, place a lid on and cook until the spinach has wilted down.

4. Break the cream cheese into the spinach and mushroom pan and stir through, then turn off the heat.

5. Place one cooked pastry sheet down and place a layer of the spinach and mushroom mix on. Place a layer of bocconcini on top. Place the second pastry sheet on top and repeat the process. Place the third sheet on as the lid. Serve.

Spinach and Mushroom Layer Cake