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Basil Tempura Prawns

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(Serves 4)
350g prawn tails
½ cup large basil leaves
2 tbsp sesame oil
100ml thick mint sauce
100ml sweet chilli sauce
100g vermicelli noodles
150g rice flour
100g corn flour
300ml ice cold water
Splash fish sauce
Sunflower oil (for deep frying)


Combine the flours and iced water and whisk into a batter.
Combine the sesame oil with 50ml of the mint sauce and 50 ml of the sweet chilli sauce with a splash of fish sauce. Pour over the prawns and marinate for about 30 minutes.
In small batches, drop the noddles into hot oil until they puff and crisp up, then remove.
Wrap each prawn with a basil leaf then dunk into batter and deep fry for 1 minute or until crispy.
Combine the remaining mint sauce, sweet chilli sauce, splash of sesame oil and splash of fish sauce to use as your dipping sauce.
Serve the prawns on top of the crispy noodles with a side of dipping sauce.

Basil Tempura Prawns