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Crispy Noodle Wrapped Prawns
with Sweet Pepper Salsa

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(Serves 8 as an entrée)
300g raw prawn tails
100g angel hair pasta, cooked, then refrigerated
1 red sweet pepper, deseeded
1 green sweet pepper, deseeded
1 Lebanese cucumber
½ white salad onion
100ml white balsamic vinegar
Splash of extra virgin olive oil
1 litre oil for deep- frying
Freshly cracked pepper


Place the vinegar in a small frypan and boil until reduced to a thick syrup, then add a splash of extra virgin olive oil.
Chop the peppers, cucumber and salad onion to a small dice then toss together with the vinegar reduction and a little freshly cracked pepper to taste.
Wrap the prawns with a few strands of pasta (ensure pasta is not wet), then deep fry a few at a time until the prawn changes colour and the pasta is crispy.
Serve prawns on top of the sweet pepper salsa.

Crispy Noodle Wrapped Prawns