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Prawn Tail Fishcakes

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(Makes approx. 20)
300g raw prawn tails
1 sweet yellow pepper, roughly chopped
1 dried red chilli, remove seeds
1 cheek of green capsicum, roughly chopped
1 egg
75g rice flour
Oil for deep frying
50g rice flour

Basil & Parmesan Dip (Mix ingredients together thoroughly.)
135g Always Fresh Basil & Parmesan Tapenade
150g sour cream


Slice the prawn in half, (i.e. fillet) leaving the tail on one half. Place the tail section aside for later.

Place the prawn meat into a blender with the sweet yellow pepper, chilli, green capsicum and pulse.

Add the egg to the blender and continue to pulse until finely diced.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and combine with 75g rice flour.

Moisten your fingers with water.

Place one prawn tail in your hand and squeeze some blended prawn mixture over the meat, leaving the tail exposed.

Coat fish cake with rice flour and deep fry in hot oil (180°C for approx. 3 minutes or until floating and browned.

Serve with a Basil and Parmesan dip.

Prawn Tail Fishcakes