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Steamed Pudding

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(Serves 2)

2 eggs
80g self-raising flour
80g rice flour
2 tbsp brown sugar
Handful of sultanas, soaked in a splash of rum


Cream together eggs and sugar until fluffy.

Pour in the sultana and rum mix and stir through.

Fold in the rice and self-raising flour.

Pour mixture into muffin cups and steam for 15- 20 minutes.


Custar Ingredients

2 eggs, beaten
100ml milk
1 tbsp dark brown sugar
Knob of butter


Place a small knob of butter into a fry pan with the dark brown sugar and melt.

Add 50ml of the milk to the beaten eggs.

Add 50ml milk to the melted sugar in the pan and stir until completely dissolved.

Take the pan off the heat and whisk in the egg mixture very gradually.  Place pan back on and gently heat through until a runny custard consistency is achieved.

Steamed Pudding