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Anchovy Frittata


(Serves 2-4)

1 tin (45g) anchovy fillets
2 eggs
100g grated cheese
100ml milk
Salt and pepper
3 medium potatoes, peeled and finely sliced



Place the sliced potatoes into a large mixing bowl and pour over the anchovy oil.

Finely chop the anchovy fillets then mash to a smooth puree with the flat of your knife.

Add the mashed anchovies to the potatoes then pour in the milk, eggs and half the cheese and mix well until all combined.

Press the potato mixture into 2 medium spring form tins then pour over any excess milk and egg

Top with the remaining cheese and bake in an oven set to 220°c for 10 minutes then turn the temperature down to 180°c for a further 40-45 minutes.

Allow to cool before slicing and serving.