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Prawn and Watermelon Cocktail


(Serves 2)

180g raw prawn tails
80g watermelon, cut into balls using melon baller
40g cucumber, cut into balls, using melon baller
6 Baby Cos lettuce leaves
Olive oil
50g butter

1 tsp tomato paste
4 tbsp whole egg mayonnaise
1 tsp Seeded mustard
1 tbsp honey
Squeeze of lemon juice
Splash of red wine vinegar



Pre heat a non-stick fry pan, pour in a splash of olive oil and butter, then fry the prawns for 3 -4 minutes until just pink then remove from pan.

Mix together all dressing ingredients until smooth.

Toss the melon and cucumber balls together with 1 tbsp of the dressing.

Place Cos lettuce in the bottom of the cocktail glass, then a few balls of watermelon and cucumber.

Next add one prawn and a tbsp of dressing, then repeat the process until the glass is full.



Prawn and Watermelon Cocktail